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Remnant Nursing is a faith-based, private ministerial association of healthcare professionals who adhere to the ethical principles of nursing to ensure the tenets of medical freedom, autonomy, and informed consent are foremost in our practice. Remnant Nursing is a subsidiary of Nurse Freedom Network, a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit organization advocating for Medical Freedom for Healthcare Workers and Informed Consent for ALL, including pediatrics and geriatrics. Our mission is to provide compassionate, patient-centered nursing services using holistic modalities and a root cause approach. Our mission and utmost priority are in helping our clients reach their highest and healthiest potential! Through individualized care programs, detailed functional lab work, weekly check-ins and remote appointments our nurses will be there to guide you on your journey to wellness. It is our privilege to become an active part of your health care team.


Client Services

As a Membership-based Concierge Nursing Service, Remnant Nursing is honored to provide curated personal health assistance at an additional, yet affordable cost in the comfort of your home.


First Responder Services

First Responders hold a special and dear place in our hearts.  Our first responder packages care for those who are injured from the covid-19 injection as well as those who strive for overall wellness and health maintenance.


Entrepreneurial Services

We partner with and welcome all businesses, vendors, entrepreneurs and individuals who uphold American values and traditions. 


What Our Clients Are Saying

Marilyn B.

Recently, my husband was exposed to Covid at his workplace and within a few days he had all the symptoms…fever, sore throat, chest pressure along with loss of taste and smell and overall fatigue.  I immediately reached out to Remnant Nursing and within minutes, my husband was given a Consult.  Kimberly Overton provided a Protocol individualized just for him.  He also ordered the Acute Covid Care kit along with Pulse Oximetry and Nebulizer for home care.  Within a few days, he was up and back to normal…IT WORKS! Myself and my family are currently following the Preventative Protocols, which are also available from Remnant Nursing.  Remnant Nursing fills that void for patients who are not being heard or treated. Thank you Remnant Nursing!!


Are you tired of the current “sick-care” system where the root of the problem rarely gets addressed?

Do you feel like the 5 minutes you spend with your physician is simply not enough?

Do you feel like your concerns are overlooked? 

Are you ready to put your health and well-being as a priority?

Have you tried "everything" and still feel like your struggling with your health?

Remnant Nursing Can Help!


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